Stable high-quality employment

A stable job that provides a living wage, good benefits, and predictable, stable scheduling is the ultimate marker of upward economic mobility. Children of parents with high-quality jobs are more likely to grow up in safe, stable households, leading to better academic and social outcomes throughout their lives.

Employment outcomes can be improved with workforce development and justice strategies.

What sorts of strategies improve employment outcomes?

Workforce development strategies can equip adults with in-demand skills, applied work experience, and credentials to position them for jobs that offer a living wage and good benefits.

Justice and public safety strategies can provide transitional jobs and support services to formerly incarcerated individuals, helping them re-enter the labor market.

How are you hoping to improve employment outcomes?

Workforce development

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Job placement services
  • Sector-based skills training
  • Transitional jobs

Justice and public safety

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Mentoring, counseling, and case management
  • Re-entry programs
  • Transitional jobs

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