Goodwill Industries

Program basics

  • Aims to increase employment and earnings through subsidized jobs and job training and to reduce recidivism
  • Begins with a job readiness assessment, followed by 2 weeks of job-readiness training
  • Goodwill Industries works in conjunction with the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services
  • Participants are placed into one of three tiers of subsidized jobs, depending on their job readiness—nonprofit, private-sector jobs (mainly at Goodwill), public sector jobs, or for-profit, private-sector jobs

Strength of evidence

Evidence level: Promising (Third-highest tier)


Promising (Third-highest tier)

Goodwill Industries is not yet in any of the major clearinghouses, but has demonstrated positive results in an independent, high-quality evaluation conducted by the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation

Target population

Formerly incarcerated individuals

Program cost

$8,460 per participant

Implementation locations

Dates active

Not available

Outcomes and impact

  • Increase in earnings, employment, and material wellbeing
  • Some evidence of reduced rates of recidivism
  • Some evidence of increased family engagement

Keys to successful implementation

  • Note: This content is under review
  • Partnerships with employers ensure that trainings and certifications are equipping participants with in-demand skills.
  • Support services should help participants overcome the numerous barriers they face in engaging with the program.
  • Career support should be informed by job interest assessments, delivered through individualized coaching, and be characterized by a growth mindset that empowers trainees to create their own career trajectory.

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