Guaranteed Income: Addressing Poverty and Income Inequality

About this Sprint

  • Across the United States, prosperity and economic well-being are not broadly shared - nearly 40 percent of Americans live in or close to poverty 
  • A guaranteed income, which provides residents with unconditional cash transfers, can increase economic stability
  • In the Guaranteed Income Sprint, cities explored the research behind and value of a guaranteed income, the national network of mayors engaged with implementing demonstrations and advocating for guaranteed income programs at the state and federal level, and the City of Stockton’s experiences in piloting the first mayor-led guaranteed income initiative under Mayor Michael Tubbs

What you'll learn

  • A firm understanding of the history, available research, and needed research around guaranteed income
  • The actions necessary to launch a task force or working group to explore a guaranteed income demonstration in your city
  • The actions necessary to develop a guaranteed income demonstration
  • Concrete next steps to engage with Mayors for a Guaranteed Income to collectively advocate for a federal guaranteed income

Sprint partners

  • Lead Partners: Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, Economic Security Project

Background to frame guaranteed basic income as a strategy to improve economic security

A primer on what we know about guaranteed income as a policy solution and where future research is headed

A guide on how to build an guaranteed income demonstration in your community

Information on the role that mayors can play in advancing guaranteed income projects