Health and well-being


Good health is a critical foundation to all mobility outcomes. Healthy families and neighborhoods contribute to positive outcomes at every life stage. Healthy children are more likely to be ready for kindergarten, stay on-track through elementary and middle school, and graduate from high school. And healthy adults are more likely to receive a post-secondary degree and obtain and keep good jobs.

Evidence-based strategies

Preventing gun violence through limiting gun access and circulation, and raising public awareness 
Stable and healthy families Supportive neighborhoods
Removing cost and distance barriers to healthy food for children and families
Stable and healthy families Supportive neighborhoods
Eliminating financial, physical, and other barriers to health care access and quality 
Stable and healthy families
Ensuring that existing affordable homes and rental units remain safe, healthy, and high-quality
Stable and healthy families Supportive neighborhoods Kindergarten readiness
Supporting residents in accessing care, understanding health information, and making informed decisions
Stable and healthy families
Using trained behavioral health professionals to provide emergency support services focused on health and de-escalation
Supportive neighborhoods
Connecting individuals experiencing chronic homelessness with stable, unconditional housing and support services
Supportive neighborhoods
Helping residents balance work, health, and caring for family
High-quality employment Stable and healthy families
Improving resident experience in learning about, applying to, and receiving aid
Stable and healthy families Racial equity in government
Reducing STI transmission and unintended pregnancy by teaching and encouraging safer behavior and decision-making
Stable and healthy families
Positioning students to be physically and emotionally ready to learn
Stable and healthy families Elementary and middle school success High school graduation
Leveraging health services, legal interventions, and community-wide initiatives to treat and prevent drug use and addiction
Supportive neighborhoods
Increasing access to high-quality health care and education for new and expecting families
Kindergarten readiness Stable and healthy families
Direct supports for foster youth, training programs for prospective foster parents, foster care models, and programs aiming to preserve and reunify families
Stable and healthy families Supportive neighborhoods