Post-secondary education and workforce development


Post- secondary education and workforce development strategies provide individuals with the skills and preparation they need to obtain higher-quality employment. Individuals with a post-secondary degree or credential tend to earn higher wages, experience better health outcomes, and are less likely to be incarcerated than individuals without post-secondary training.

Workforce development strategies can improve high school graduation rates, boost post-secondary enrollment and graduation, and create pathways to good, stable jobs. For parents, high-quality employment strengthens stability at home, leading to better economic, social, and health outcomes for their children.

Evidence-based strategies

Offering a wide range of academic, financial, and other services to high school and new college students
Post-secondary enrollment and graduation
Reducing recidivism and generating major cost savings while providing accountability, engagement, and support services
Supportive neighborhoods
Initiatives to train, recruit, and retain educators and caregivers to deliver evidence-based child care and early education programming
Kindergarten readiness High-quality employment
Hiring, training, and retaining effective and high-quality teachers and school leaders
Elementary and middle school success High school graduation High-quality employment
Creating a more diverse and inclusive local government
High-quality employment Racial equity in government
Delivering academic, financial, and other services to post-secondary students
Post-secondary enrollment and graduation
Helping residents experiencing long-term unemployment find secure jobs and stable income
High-quality employment
Helping residents balance work, health, and caring for family
High-quality employment Stable and healthy families
Preparing adults for careers mainly in rapidly growing fields like IT, green technology, and financial services
High-quality employment
Paid short-term employment and internships for high school students during the summer
High school graduation High-quality employment
Facilitating residents' transitions to full-time employment through subsidized jobs and wraparound support services
High-quality employment Supportive neighborhoods