Stepping Stones to Literacy

Program basics

  • Supplemental curriculum focused on listening, use of print materials, and phonological awareness
  • Twenty-five daily lessons, 10–20 minutes in length
  • For preschoolers and kindergarteners seen as underachieving readers

Strength of evidence

Evidence level: Proven (highest tier)


Proven (highest tier)

Ranked as having the highest level of evidence by the U.S. Department of Education What Works Clearinghouse

Target population

Preschool-aged children

Program cost

Approximately $240 per student per year

Implementation locations

  • Not available

Dates active

Not available

Outcomes and impact

  • Positive effect on alphabetics
  • Improved alphabetics outcomes by an average of 30 percentile points

Keys to successful implementation

  • Note: This content is under review
  • Provide high quality, standardized training to ensure that teachers are able to deliver intervention with fidelity.
  • Provide consistent feedback to teachers to ensure they maintain program fidelity.

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