Guaranteed Income: Advancing Guaranteed Income Through Local Narrative

About this Sprint

  • Across the United States, prosperity and economic well-being are not broadly shared - nearly 40 percent of Americans live in or close to poverty
  • A guaranteed income, which provides residents with unconditional cash transfers, can increase economic stability
  • In the first Guaranteed Income Sprint, cities explored the research behind and value of a guaranteed income, the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income network, and the City of Stockton’s experiences in piloting a guaranteed income initiative
  • Building off of the first Sprint, this second Guaranteed Income Sprint focuses on the role of narrative building in advancing a guaranteed income project

What you'll learn

  • Understand the need for narrative building that centers racial and gender equity, lived experience, and the existing literature 
  • Understand resources and supporting data and evidence for guaranteed income
  • Learn how to build and leverage a storytelling cohort based on best practices from other cities
  • Understand why certain messaging is best to connect with the intended audience
  • Understand how, as a coalition city, to contribute to the larger guaranteed income narrative on state and federal levels, centering racial and gender equity

Sprint partners

  • Lead Partner: Mayors for a Guaranteed Income