Zoning regulations for land use policy

Program basics

  • Local regulatory action shaping development, design, and built environment of communities and municipalities
  • Often intended to increase physical activity and active transportation and reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Improvements decrease stress for residents and improve sense of community
  • Efforts are often designed to enhance economic vitality and growth

Strength of evidence

Evidence level: Proven (highest tier)


Proven (highest tier)

Ranked as having the highest level of evidence by County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

Target population


Program cost

Not applicable

Implementation locations

Dates active

Not applicable

Outcomes and impact

  • Influences physical activity and active transportation habits
  • Boosts bicycle and walking trips
  • Increases public transit use

Keys to successful implementation

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Land use reform: Minneapolis, MN

Land use reform: Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis 2040 Plan: Reimagining city zoning to expand housing options, affordability, and equity

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