Local governments can invest in this strategy using State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

  • This strategy can help address educational disparities. The U.S. Department of Treasury has indicated that strategies that help achieve this outcome are eligible for the use of Fiscal Recovery Funds.
  • Investments in this strategy are SLFRF-eligible as long as they are made in qualified census tracts or are designed to assist populations or communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

Program overview

  • Improving postsecondary outcomes: InsideTrack is a student success and coaching program for prospective and current college students. By supporting students throughout their college journey, InsideTrack aims to improve persistence and graduation rates for postsecondary students.

  • Supporting students throughout their college journey: Typically, postsecondary institutions contract with InsideTrack to provide coaching services to their students. The college or university then provides InsideTrack with materials (e.g., course syllabi, student transcripts) to tailor the coaching services to the institution. Colleges and universities may select from a range of modular coaching programs tailored for students at different stages of their postsecondary education. These include programs for prospective students, those starting college, those seeking to re-enroll in college, and more.

  • Providing one-on-one coaching: InsideTrack coaches undergo a formal certification and credentialing process to ensure high-quality coaching. They communicate with students remotely, through either phone, video, email, text, or mobile app. During sessions, coaches help students clarify goals and address personal and academic barriers to success. This may include assisting students in accessing college resources, building time management or study skills, navigating financial issues, and more.

  • Leveraging technology: InsideTrack coaches and students have access to its uCoach Technology Platform. The Platform allows coaches to communicate with students across multiple channels, track student engagement, and send students automated reminders about deadlines and opportunities. Students, in turn, can access self-directed resources on the platform.

Cost per Participant
Approximately $390 per student per semester

A single study with a rigorous design suggests that InsideTrack is a promising strategy for improving credit accumulation and student persistence in postsecondary students.

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  • Develop a recruitment strategy: Students may be unfamiliar with a virtual coaching model and thus less likely to opt-in to participate. To increase up-take, colleges and universities should create opportunities for students to connect with a coach and “sample” the program (e.g., as part of an orientation). By establishing a connection with a coach, students may be more likely to continue using the services.

  • Select coaching programs based on needs: InsideTrack offers coaching programs tailored toward different stages in a student’s college career. To advance their institutional goals, colleges and universities should select the programs that align with their priorities. For instance, postsecondary institutions interested in reducing “summer melt,” where students plan to but fail to enroll, should select an InsideTrack coaching program focused on prospective and new students.

  • Integrate technological platforms: InsideTrack’s uCoach platform can be integrated with college and universities’ learning management systems. By integrating these systems, coaches can have automatic access to information on students’ coursework and academic performance, allowing for more individualized support.

  • Establish relationships between coaches and college staff: Coaches often need to connect students with specialized services at their college or university. Postsecondary institutions should identify points of contact for coaches in key areas, like health and wellness, admissions and financial aid, and academic support programs.