Community development and financial security

Community development strategies focus on improving the economic opportunities, physical infrastructure, environmental quality, and social capital of communities. These strategies can improve family well-being and neighborhood quality, which promote better mobility outcomes at all life stages.

Why are these outcomes important?

Strong and healthy families: A safe and stable home environment creates the foundation for all mobility outcomes. Children who grow up in families with sufficient financial resources, stable housing arrangements, and good physical and mental health are more likely to experience positive economic mobility outcomes at every stage of their lives.

Supportive communities: Neighborhoods influence family well-being, shape social networks, and determine access to economic opportunity. Individuals living in healthy, safe, well-resourced neighborhoods are more likely to experience positive outcomes at every life stage.

Which outcome are you hoping to focus on?

Strong and healthy families

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Financial literacy programs
  • Financial navigators
  • Safe and secure banking

Supportive communities

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Built environment improvements
  • Parks and green space
  • Transportation access

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