Strong and healthy families

A safe and stable home environment creates the foundation for all mobility outcomes. Individuals who grow up in families with sufficient financial resources, stable housing arrangements, and good physical and mental health are more likely to experience positive economic mobility outcomes at every life stage.

Family stability is bolstered by financial security, workforce, health, housing, and justice strategies.

What sorts of strategies strengthen family stability?

Health and well-being strategies can increase access to care, improve child and adult health, and reduce household stress and uncertainty

Workforce development strategies can improve access to childcare, boost family income, and increase the amount of time parents are able to spend with their children

Justice and public safety strategies can eliminate the criminalization of poverty, reduce unnecessary incarceration, and help formerly incarcerated individuals successfully re-enter society

Housing strategies can prevent evictions, create healthier home environments, and strengthen housing affordability

Community development and financial security strategies can improve access to employment, increase financial stability, and foster greater family wealth building

How are you hoping to strengthen family stability?

Health and well-being

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Community health programs
  • Health systems navigation assistance
  • Substance use prevention programs

Workforce development

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Childcare subsidies
  • Living wage laws
  • Predictable scheduling policies

Justice and public safety

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Diversion programs
  • Mentoring, counseling, and case management
  • Re-entry programs


Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Eviction, displacement, and homelessness prevention
  • Home ownership programs
  • Housing quality programs

Community development and financial security

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Financial literacy programs
  • Financial navigators
  • Safe and secure banking

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