Workforce development

Workforce development strategies provide individuals with the skills and preparation they need to obtain higher quality employment. These strategies can improve high school graduation rates, boost post-secondary enrollment and graduation, and create pathways to good, stable jobs. For parents, high-quality employment strengthens stability at home, leading to better economic, social, and health outcomes for their children.

Why are these outcomes important?

Strong and healthy families: A safe and stable home environment creates the foundation for all mobility outcomes. Children who grow up in families with sufficient financial resources, stable housing arrangements, and good physical and mental health are more likely to experience positive economic mobility outcomes at every stage of their lives.

High school graduation: High school graduates are more likely to be employed, earn higher wages, experience better health outcomes, and less likely to be incarcerated. High school graduation is also generally a prerequisite for post-secondary education and high quality employment

Post-secondary education: Graduates of post-secondary education or training programs are more likely to attain high quality employment, earn higher wages, experience better health outcomes, maintain stable homes, and less likely to be incarcerated.

High-quality employment: A stable job with good pay and benefits is the ultimate marker of upward economic mobility. Children of parents with high-quality jobs are more likely to grow up in a safe, stable environment, leading to better academic and social outcomes throughout their lives.

Which outcome are you hoping to focus on?

Strong and healthy families

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Childcare subsidies
  • Living wage laws
  • Predictable scheduling policies

High school graduation

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Career and technical education
  • Dual enrollment/early college programs
  • Summer jobs

Post-secondary enrollment and completion

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Career advising programs
  • Career and technical education
  • Post-secondary student guidance and support

High-quality employment

Sample evidence-based strategies:

  • Job placement services
  • Sector-based skills training
  • Transitional jobs

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